Dreams do come true

Way back 2014, I wrote a chalkboard menu for Potts Point Cafe in Eastwood. I wrote it for two days because the menu was not yet finished and the menu board was so high it was hard for me to climb up and down to move the ladder while the construction inside is still ongoing.

The yummy food titles kept me going and while up the ladder, I told myself that one day, I'll experience having a cup of coffee in Sydney. Imagine my happiness when it finally came true! We were finally able to visit Sydney, Australia last September 11, 2016. Yay!! It all feels surreal, seeing and walking around the Harbour as we approach the Opera House. It took me quite a while to visit this beautiful place, but I believe that we went there at the perfect time of our lives with the right people.

This post is not to brag but to just simply remind you that you have to believe in your dreams, patiently wait and work on it to happen and appreciate every single time that your dream is finally happening! The Universe has its perfect timing, always :) Haaay. I love you, life! 😍