Downloadable: Brush Calligraphy Template

Oh hello!

Let's continue to make letters dance! I made this simple Brush Calligraphy alphabet template as a guide for your writing. Keep in mind that this is my hand writing and you can definitely edit it to make it dance to your music.


I did this old school style! Used my Tombow brush pen for the letters and this cute pen I got from SM Stationery for the arrow guides.


You can download and print the template here

Let me know if you're using this! If you're planning to post this on instagram, please don't forget to tag me, okay? :)

Also, if you are a previous student of mine, feel free to join our Facebook group! I'd love to catch up with you to see your progress.

Love to you today and everyday!

Common Room Workshop

As you may recall, I took a hiatus from teaching simply because I felt tired. That's all. For me, I felt like if I don't have the same spark and energy that I used to have before when teaching, my students will feel it and I don't want them to take home that energy instead of feeling inspired.

So, after several thoughts, I took the jump on the Calligraphy and Mandala workshop series. I had fun but I find myself thinking  that I was done teaching.

But somehow, the universe told me to keep pushing. One last try, the universe whispered. So when the opportunity to hold a workshop at Common Room, came. I said yes. (Also, how can I say no to my Common Room Family, right?)

At first, I was really nervous and had a lot of thoughts. I had a new module, work sets, how do I teach alone again? I'm anxious not to fill up the class. So many useless and negative thoughts run in my head. At the end of the day, I just reminded myself to breathe, relax and let the universe take hold of everything.

Come March 25, a row of busy hands trying to make letters dance made my Saturday even more beautiful. It shunned off all those worries and it made me just focus on sharing what I know about the craft I really love.

Below are photos of my lovely students :)

As what Ate Roma placed in her caption for this photo "Sometimes, all you really need to jumpstart your creative journey is a little help.💕" All I really need in this journey is to pause, reflect and be grateful for all the little reminders that keeps me going to push this craft.

Thank you for all my lovely students! If you've enrolled in my previous workshops, please join this group and let's keep in touch.

'Til then, let's keep on making letters dance!


Calligraphy and Mandala

Lately, I've been more mindful with the choices I make in life.  I also learned from last year's Kundalini Classes by Teacher Rosan that my thoughts have great impact on my well being. So I carefully select them too, only choosing words and thoughts that will make my life and those of around me beautiful.

It was around December when Reg introduced me to Crossfit (yes! I do that now) where I met James, the owner of Me Love You Long Time. We instantly clicked and found out that all of us are inclined to the arts. 

Reg and I are both into Calligraphy, Photography and Digital Art. Reg is also a Tattoo artist and a barbell barbie who literally wears her heart on her sleeves. While James is a Producer, Writer and also a restaurant owner.

Light bulb moment! Why not do a workshop? One of my braver goals this 2017 was to teach again and it was fun to make that happen with the people who make work feel like play! We found a way to merge our passions and decided to share them through the Calligraphy and Mandala Illustration workshop at Me Love You Long Time restaurant. We really believe that this workshop was the perfect way to fuse art and zen into one's life. 

And so we did! We had two workshops already! January 28, 2017 and March 11, 2017. The first workshop was filled with lots of Crossfit Insurrecto friends, such a supportive community in and out of the box. We even had Hidilyn Diaz as one of our students during the first workshop. I tried to contain my fangirling but gave in and asked for a photo with her :p

It's such a nice feeling to share your art knowing that you help them release their inhibitions and everyday stress. You can always hold onto these crafts to shoo away negativity and bad vibes. Simple as that! Let go and just create!

Believe me, this intricate mandala was created by Reg during her relaxation time. Yes! You can do it too :)

Calligraphy and Mandala Illustration Batch 1 Class | January 28, 2017 | 11am - 3pm

Calligraphy and Mandala Illustration Batch 2 Class | March 11, 2017 | 1pm - 4pm

Thank you so much Me Love You Long Time for being our home during the workshops! If you're looking for a perfect venue for your workshop or intimate gathering with friends and or family, don't hesitate to contact them! Details below :)

Cheers to a zen life! :*

Me Love You Long Time

2nd Level PO's Building Tomas Morato, Corner Sct. Madrinan, Quezon City