Masungi Georeserve 2017

I welcomed March 2017 in the most beautiful way I could ever imagine.

Life gave me the opportunity to visit Masungi Georeserve again. Who am I to pass on that chance?

Just a little back story, I went to Masungi last July 2016 and everything was new to me!

1.) Location - I love going to Antipolo because it gives me a sense of calm and peace. I usually look forward to retreats and visits there because it was my safe space away from the city. It's my first time to visit that side of Antipolo and it did not disappoint! I fell in love with the place more. 

2.) People - I met the people I'll climb with on the date of the trek - People who, I discovered after the trip, were celebrities, models, and athletes! It was a nice experience to interact and know them beyond their status. It was a breath of fresh air knowing that they are down to earth and funny too!

3.) Experience - I think it was my first mentally and physically challenging activity for the year. Having said that, it was my first time climb to any mountain - I really count that as my first serious trek because I was never really allowed to join stuff like this before. (Yes, I have strict mom whom I love with all my heart.)

Being a non-athletic human being I am, I conquered my mind and my fear of heights and dragged myself to the mountains! It was a nice experience to see and discover parts of yourself and this world that you don't know even existed. Buuuuuut.. I was huffing and puffing for the first 10minutes of the climb. Haha! I was really not prepared for this. 

Masungi Georeserve  July 2016

Masungi Georeserve  July 2016

Fast forward to March 2017, I went up again Masungi with my Common Room family.

I wasn't expecting anything. Probably because I have visited the place before and the experience was still new to me. I was, however, looking forward to enjoying the trip and sharing lots of stories and laughters with my Common Room family. 

Masungi Georeserve March 2017 with my Common Room Family

Masungi Georeserve March 2017 with my Common Room Family

Maker's Trail Mix made by Marvz of  Habil Crafts  just for this trip!

Maker's Trail Mix made by Marvz of Habil Crafts just for this trip!

We were scheduled for an 8:45am climb but some unexpected and strange things happened that prompted us to take the 12nn climb. I was late, our transport was late and the authorities thought the transport was a "colorum" vehicle etc. etc. We were losing hope and I know everyone was really praying to still climb that beautiful reserve. Probably because we needed this trip. Being full time and part time makers and spending a lot of working hours mostly alone, we needed to refill our creative fuels.

When we reached the location and when we knew that we were allowed to climb, everyone relaxed and I started to see smiles and hear laughters again. It's the kind of smile you make when you see a loved one or when you experience a miracle in life. Or, simply put, when you see food being served right in front of you. That kind of smile which makes everything special and magical.

Disclaimer: I don't highly recommend being late for your scheduled trips. The universe was just really kind to us that day and allowed us to still climb up. As much as possible, go early and avoid any delays! :)

Lessons from this trip

1.) Arrive on time! - Yes, I am talking to myself :P but seriously, we really need to fix our traffic scheme.

2.) Never lose hope! - With all that happened during the trip, it was a miracle that we were able to climb the mountain. I guess life really wanted us to see it's miracle as a reward for not giving up.

3.) Never underestimate the thriving power of makers - as i've said, this is a physically challenging activity for us, but we managed to make it! All smiles and all. I would also like to thank my Crossfit training as it made me enjoy the view more! (No huffing and puffing during the first 10 mins of the trip! Yay!

4.) It's always nice to travel with your tribe. It makes your bond stronger and they get things like "ang ganda ng palette ni nature, uy pwede 'to i-upcycle, and pwede ba mag uwi ng moss?" without you having to explain why you need that moss in your life haha.

5.) Be grateful - Yes! I need to include this because I am a huge advocate of being grateful in life. This makes everything worthwhile. Be grateful and live in the now. 

It's true what author Marcel Proust say, that the real voyage of discovery consists not in seeing new landscapes, but in having new eyes. If not for this trip, I wouldn't rediscover the part of me that really craves for nature for healing, for relaxation and for that gentle reminder to let life unfold on its own because its timing is always perfect. I wouldn't experience the fun of doing something different with the people who you consider your family.

Always know that we are always at the right place, right time and with the right people.

Being stuck on a creative rut for quite a while now, I think March gave me the green signal for new beginnings as well as for rising up again. 



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