The F word

Been watching online talks from TEDx, Refinery to Buzzfeed, anything as in any random video online as my way of learning something new everyday. Most of them about self-love and tons about motivation.

You know, no matter how positive I am as a person and as you perceive me online, I have those days when I say "F it, i'm going back to bed." But life doesn't work that way, I get upset, demotivated, sad and I feel tons of emotions that I shouldn't entertain. *meh*

And yup, you know it, at the end of the day, you only have yourself to motivate you.

So after viewing tons of videos, let me share with you this brilliant TEDxTalk by Mel Robbins on how to stop screwing yourself and finally getting outside your comfort zone. Bookmark it and play it over and over again when you need that push! ;)

Do you feel the fire burning now? Yes? YES!! Stand up and time to do the work!!

Burn bright, darling!