Common Room Workshop

As you may recall, I took a hiatus from teaching simply because I felt tired. That's all. For me, I felt like if I don't have the same spark and energy that I used to have before when teaching, my students will feel it and I don't want them to take home that energy instead of feeling inspired.

So, after several thoughts, I took the jump on the Calligraphy and Mandala workshop series. I had fun but I find myself thinking  that I was done teaching.

But somehow, the universe told me to keep pushing. One last try, the universe whispered. So when the opportunity to hold a workshop at Common Room, came. I said yes. (Also, how can I say no to my Common Room Family, right?)

At first, I was really nervous and had a lot of thoughts. I had a new module, work sets, how do I teach alone again? I'm anxious not to fill up the class. So many useless and negative thoughts run in my head. At the end of the day, I just reminded myself to breathe, relax and let the universe take hold of everything.

Come March 25, a row of busy hands trying to make letters dance made my Saturday even more beautiful. It shunned off all those worries and it made me just focus on sharing what I know about the craft I really love.

Below are photos of my lovely students :)

As what Ate Roma placed in her caption for this photo "Sometimes, all you really need to jumpstart your creative journey is a little help.💕" All I really need in this journey is to pause, reflect and be grateful for all the little reminders that keeps me going to push this craft.

Thank you for all my lovely students! If you've enrolled in my previous workshops, please join this group and let's keep in touch.

'Til then, let's keep on making letters dance!