Downloadable: Brush Calligraphy Template

Oh hello!

Let's continue to make letters dance! I made this simple Brush Calligraphy alphabet template as a guide for your writing. Keep in mind that this is my hand writing and you can definitely edit it to make it dance to your music.


I did this old school style! Used my Tombow brush pen for the letters and this cute pen I got from SM Stationery for the arrow guides.


You can download and print the template here

Let me know if you're using this! If you're planning to post this on instagram, please don't forget to tag me, okay? :)

Also, if you are a previous student of mine, feel free to join our Facebook group! I'd love to catch up with you to see your progress.

Love to you today and everyday!

Hanami 2017

Let's make this fleeting moment last forever


Got the chance to finally experience Hanami in Tokyo, Japan. Almost every road, park, etc. was packed with tourists and locals just to admire this beauty.

Now I know why people go out of their way to celebrate this fleeting moment. Somehow, it reminds us that if we just wait, while we work silently, the perfect time will come and we will bloom - inspite and despite of the odds.

I can't help but to constantly look up to express how grateful I am to experience it. It's like a glimpse of God! And i'm sharing that experience with you through these photos. 

I hope you'll get to experience it too in this lifetime.

Love and light to you!